About the Filthy Fifties

Let’s face it… there are millions of fitness blogs and websites out there these days. While some are just out to grab a chunk of the 80 billion dollars the health and fitness industry generates every year, most of them are written by amazing  people, who really know what they are talking about. They usually have years of education and experience behind them and typically, they are experts at what they do.

IMG_4220 (1)

I am not one of these people.

Frankly, I am pretty much the opposite of those guys . I know very little about health or fitness, and for the record, I’m really not even sure what a blog is.

In fact, I’ve spent the better part of my adulthood making incredibly bad life choices. Nothing too terrible mind you, just the basic run of the mill poor health decisions that plague most adults in our society today:  smoking, drinking and eating Awesome food (yeah, I call it Awesome food because even though it will kill you, foods like cheese fries, tacos and calzones are freaking Awesome, and I refuse to say an unkind word about them). Add the fact that I got little or no exercise most of my life and you can probably start to get an idea of my current physical condition.  I have never been what anyone would refer to as  athletic, nor have I ever been  physically fit (except when I joined the Army, but I’ll save that story for later).

As I approached my 50th  birthday, I realized that I was in the worst shape of my life. I was close to 235 pounds, my blood pressure and cholesterol were at the point of needing to be medically treated, and I had fallen into a severe state of depression. My fatness had even contributed to me losing my job, as it became difficult for me to meet its physical fitness requirements, and my employer kindly asked me to go be fat somewhere else (more on that later as well). Suddenly my unhealthy lifestyle had stopped being a game. The joke was over and I could no longer accept that fact that growing older meant I had to be fat and out of shape.

So Why am I writing this blog?

Because I want to find out if it is too late.  After treating my body like a landfill for the last fifty years, am I too far gone to turn things around?  Can an average working guy who has never been physically fit – EVER –  alter his lifestyle in a manner that will allow him to get in shape and get healthy enough  to enjoy his golden years?

And possibly the most important question HOW DO I DO IT?

That’s what this page/blog is all about (I’m still not sure what the difference between page and a blog is). I’m going to explore as many health and fitness options as I can. I already do CrossFit and running, and I’ve tried Yoga,  but I’m also going to try things like Spartan Races, maybe some martial arts  and other goofy shit that may be fun and even possibly be beneficial. I’ll write about what it was like for me at least and if it sounds like something you may want to try, then knock yourself out, because you know if I did it, then anyone can.  I’ll also try a variety of diets and nutrition plans and hopefully find an acceptable way to eat healthy without totally giving up all the food I love, because like I said before, food is Awesome. It is one of the things that makes life worth living and there is no sense in reaching my 100th birthday if I have to eat tofu and grass for the next fifty years. Plus I absolutely refuse to live in a world without Ice Cream.

I’m not going to do anything that the average person couldn’t do. Any class or fitness program I try will  be something anyone could do without dramatically changing their daily routine (at least not in the beginning, but who knows? You may quit your job to become a professional paddle-boarder). So there will be no month-long retreats to live in a commune, or crazy weekends spent in a sweat lodge looking for my spirit animal. Everything I do will be  geared to those of us  in our fifties – or approaching our fifties – who want to find a way to get healthy and have a good time doing it. You have to make the decision to get healthy alone, but you don’t have to do it alone. Together, we won’t only survive the Filthy Fifties, we will come out of them better than ever.

(This is a condensed version of my first post, “Why Would a Guy Like Me be Writing a Blog?”. You can read the whole post here, if you really feel the need.)

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