Pirates, Patriots and Gratitude…

A pirate goes into a bar…

As he enters, the Bartender notices he has a steering wheel on his belt buckle.

He asks the Pirate “Hey,  what’s with the steering wheel?”

”Argh..”, the pirate says,  “It drives me nuts!”

Now, this isn’t just a quick joke post like last night. Even though I did have a long day training with the Reserve and time is short to get my post in today, that is not the true reason for tonight’s post.

My son told me that joke when he was younger, and his mom was not impressed with it and even less impressed with my uncontrolled laughter at my 12 year old son’s sense of humor.

My unit is stationed in Connecticut, and tonight the New England Patriot’s first game of the season. Due to things running late, there was no chance of me getting home in time to see the game.  But as fate would have it, my son, now in his mid twenties, is working less than an hour away from where my reserve center is and has been staying down here for the last few months. What better way could I watch the Patriots hang their 6th championship banner than this?

So now, I am writing this from my son’s apartment with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.  Tonight could have been spent driving home, bitching about how late It’ll be by the time I pull in to the driveway.  But instead I get to spend it at my kid’s place watching our favorite team wreck the Steelers.

Things couldn’t have worked out better, except I learned the hard way that you can’t buy beer in Connecticut on Sunday after 6 o’clock. What’s up with that? How do people live in this state?

Argh…. it drives me nuts.

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