The Third Time is Not a Charm…

Think about your last New Year’s resolution. Doesn’t really matter what it was, it could have been “I’m going to work out more”, or “I’m going to eat better”, but whatever it was you started out with the best of intentions.

Just for the sake of my point, let’s say it’s the work out scenario. Let’s go with you you would start working out every other day, three times a week for the whole year. How does that usually go? The first day, you go in and it’s a tough workout since you’re new at this, but it goes pretty well and you’re pretty proud of yourself. You said you’d do it, and you did.

Then day two comes and it’s a little bit harder. But you made a resolution, so you’re going to stick with it, and you go in and you go through the motions. You’re still kind of tired from the first day, but you do it anyway and it’s actually a better workout than you Expected. Still, it was tough to get through it, and you start to wonder if you’re doing the right thing, even though you know you are.

So then comes the third work out. For this one, you find you’re forcing yourself to go into the gym, and when you get there you just go through the motions half heartedly. It’s borderline miserable, and you start to feel miserable. The people at the gym with you can tell you’re miserable and you’re kind of making them miserable too just watching you.

Now it’s time for the Excuse Fairy’s distant cousin, the Doubt Gnome, to start planting seeds in your head that this is never going to work, (I’ll talk more about him later. It’s a little too soon after the Excuse Fairy to write a whole blog about the Doubt Gnome) He’s got you thinking that you’re only three days in the week you’re already struggling, You begin to believe there’s no chance that you’re going to make it through fourth day and all in all, this is probably a bad idea. You’re just not the kind of person to go to the gym and work out.

Now his cousin the Excuse Fairy comes in and does her thing. Why don’t you take a day off? You’ve done three days and there’s nothing wrong with taking a quick break. Here’s where the problem lies. Breaks turn into long extended periods of rest, and long periods of extended rest lead to forming bad habits, which in turn leads to just quitting altogether. In the long run, the whole quality of our lives depends on what habits we form.

Believe it or not, this post has nothing to do with any of that, not really. This is about my plan to post every day on my blog. I’m trying to establish a habit of holding myself accountable and getting my work out there without it being “Perfect”. So when you thing of it, it’s no different then the whole work out / DoubtGnome / Excuse Fairy scenario I just painted for your New Year’s resolution.

The first post was great I got a lot of response as well as a lot of positive feedback. The second post I struggled a bit to come up and stuff to write, but I managed to pull it and people really seemed to enjoy it.

Now comes the third post, and this time it’s tough. Not only because I don’t have any real quality stuff to put out, but I also have to drive three hours to Connecticut tonight. So meeting the time hack is going to be tough. It just occurred to me that this is going to be harder than I thought, and here comes the Doubt Gnome telling me I’m not gonna be able to pull this off, and I should quit while I’m ahead. EF chimes in and says that it’s the weekend and nobody really figured that I’d would write a post this weekend, so if I skip a day, no one will care, or even notice for that matter.

Well I hate to disappoint them both but dammit I said I was going to write a post every day and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m even going to get it in before midnight!

As far as my 12 readers go ( I was informed that I have more than 7, so I updated the count), don’t feel you have to like or comment on this one. I know it’s junk. But then againI knew some of them would be ugly when I started this, and I think this will probably be as ugly as a post as you’re going to see in the next 28 days. So,

in closing , I’ll just leave you with this bit of knowledge:

Doubt and excuse are related and work hand in hand.

Habits define our quality of life

Learn to hold yourself accountable

And the third time is not a charm.. the third times a bitch.


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